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Business Analyst

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The Business Analyst is a critical liaison between Turn5’s Ecommerce development team and the business stakeholders driving updates to the product functionality.  The BA’s role is to understand how business needs and practices can best be addressed by existing solutions, process refinement, or enhancements to the E-commerce sites, CMS and supporting tools / services.  Once the BA has clearly captured the need and any supporting requirements, they will work closely with the development team and Product Owner to ensure an appropriate solution and scope are defined and work is prioritized correctly.  The BA will follow-through with stakeholders during the development cycle and post-release to ensure that the work done meets requirements and is adopted as intended.

How you’ll spend your time with us:

  • Analyzes business needs to define value and requirements the BA will dig in to understand the business goal or need driving a request for the development team, its impact / value to the business, and what requirements are necessary to fulfill the request.
    • This can include:Determining the stakeholders to involve in a requirements review, researching or facilitating further research where needed, and understanding the business teams and processes influencing, or required to support, any change.
    • Considering information flow and data / process requirements to make strategic decisions about what functionality belongs within what system.
    • Evaluating existing tools and systems to determine if there is an acceptable solution available without code work.
    • Participating in strategic partnerships with stakeholders responsible for managing and improving the onsite content, product assortment, and product data supporting the E-commerce sites. Through these partnerships, the BA will better understand the various goals and considerations of the teams involved, helping to inform forward-thinking solutions development, and enable the identification and prioritization of impactful changes that are not current business requests. 
  • Acts as the voice of the business within the development team – the BA shepherds the work request into the development cycle, ensuring that the value of the request is communicated clearly and that any solution identified meets the needs of the request. The BA will be a member of the scrum team working through requests, so will also be the first point of contact for questions or decisions related to scope of work or the requirements themselves, as well as the UAT agent signing off on work.     
  • Generates issues and documentation for development work – the BA creates issues in the development team’s issue tracking system in accordance with the Product Owner’s guidelines, and works with the team as needed to further refine and break down requirements. The BA generates or compiles any supplemental documentation that will aid in the development team’s ability to easily understand the complexities of any request. 
  • Collaborates with the Product Owner to prioritize and link requests – the BA will work with the PO to ensure that requests are appropriately prioritized for work, that links with other items in the backlog are identified (e.g. dependencies or natural groupings of work), and that release plans when determined are communicated back to the stakeholders interested. Where relevant, the BA also works with the PO to develop a shared understanding of MVP / how to deliver value toward the goal with minimal effort.
  • Follows through post-release – the BA ensures that any request with follow through post-release, e.g. training needs or process kickoff/changes, are followed through on after the development team has completed work. Where relevant/possible, the BA may enlist stakeholders during the UAT stage of work. 

Key Role Requirements

  • 3-5+ years’ experience working with business and technical teams to determine and define functional requirements for software development.
  • Automotive experience required (direct work experience in the market or deep personal experience).
  • Excellent listening, critical thinking and analytical skills required to correctly identify requirements as opposed to “wants” or assumptive requirements
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills
  • Experience with issue tracking tools, e.g. Jira
  • Experience with flow visualization tools, e.g. LucidChart
  • Ability to prioritize and manage personal workload effectively
  • Ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups and individuals, and build strong relationships


  • Automotive enthusiast
  • Experience with E-commerce and/or CMS applications



Turn5, Inc. in a nutshell

High energy, fast-paced yet a relaxed environment best sum up our work culture.  We are one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the Greater Philadelphia area, owning and operating two award winning e-commerce platforms.


Take a break and check out some of our work. We’re excited about what we’ve been accomplishing, and pride ourselves on continuing to build the best auto parts browsing experience… EVER.


Our team members are highly analytical with a desire to constantly challenge the status quo and think way outside the box. We foster an environment for employees to flourish and drive impactful results both for the business and themselves.


What you get in return

  • Opportunity to impact business decision making within booming e-commerce company
  • Competitive compensation package based on experience
  • Ability to “own” projects
  • No bureaucratic red tape
  • 401(k) program with up to 4% company match
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Health/dental/vision insurance
  • Mustang, Wrangler & Truck Reimbursement Program